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Holiday Design, Decor & Installation

Our Holiday Design and Décor has become a large part of what we do at Anything with Plants & Flowers. Our popular showroom is decorated with new designs and ready for visitors in April. It's as simple as a making an appointment to visit the showroom, choose from a multitude of themed holiday designs, and then we decorate your home or business with your chosen designs early in the season.

Typically, we schedule all installations from mid November through the first few weeks of December. Immediately after the holidays we take-down the decorations. We are also able to store your decorations, for example, if you own them and don't have the available storage space. We've got you covered! Our different lease options for decorations and trees are the best value!

Browse through our image galleries based on the concepts and designs you're interested in.

Watch recent video footage of us installing a 20 ft Christmas Tree Click Here
Click Here to read about our work with this 20 ft tree below!