Rapid Rental Program

Anything With Plants & Flowers Rapid Rental program brings life to your home or office by offering you a simply beautiful, care-free and affordable plant rental program. All 24 month rental programs include the following: 3 tall floor plants, 1 medium floor plant, and 1 tabletop plant all in decorative containers, as well as guaranteed horticultural maintenance service. Starting at only $85 a month, your home or office will be more beautiful, healthy and inviting than ever before! Just click the button below to pick your plants, plan and container style.

ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC: 24 month Long Term Rental with Guaranteed Maintenance Agreement

  1. ONE TIME DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION IS $ 60.00 plus sales tax
  2. (a) Shall care for all plants listed on the Proposal/Agreement Form. Horticultural care includes all of the following as required: watering, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, insect disease treatment, cleaning and dusting.
  3. (b) Shall provide trained service personnel and Warrants that the guaranteed replacements will be made, at ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. discretion, as required, to maintain the original design integrity of the plantscape. At ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. expense we shall replace any plant with a comparable plant of original size and value described in the original agreement; provided that the need for such replacement is not caused by the Client and that ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. maintained such plant during the entire period of the Agreement. Replacements made at the request of the Client, involving change for the sake of change, will be made only with proper authorization by the Client, and contractor will be compensated by the Client for his efforts, with all costs clearly defined in writing, in advance.
  4. (c) Shall provide Liability Insurance & Employee Workmen's Compensation Coverage and Shall under no circumstances be responsible to Client for damage caused by a falling plant or container, or by water or fluid seepage. Contractor assumes the responsibility maintaining plant and container in a safe location with due care and shall take appropriate steps to safeguard Client, Client's property, Client's employees, and the public in general from damage or injury.

The Client/Owner:

  1. (a) Shall allow ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. access to the Client's premises and all plant at all reasonable times to service the plants and client Shall not water, fertilize, prune, or spray the plants or allow employees or contractors to care for the plants in any manner. Shall be responsible for the replacement cost of all plants and decorative containers that must be replaced as a result of circumstances over which ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. has no control. These include, but are not limited to, theft, vandalism, fire, temperature extremes, and/or flood.
  2. (b) Service agreements to clients, beyond the termination date of the original contract, will continue to rollover on a year to year basis unless written notification is supplied by the client to ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. thirty (30) days prior to the cancellation date.
  3. (a) Payments not received within thirty (30) days of the billing date are subject to a finance charge at a rate of 1 % a month, which is at an Annual Percentage Rate of 18% and a $10.00 additional late charge is applied on the 45th day past due . Should ANYTHING WITH PLANTS, INC. engage an attorney for collection, Client will be responsible for reasonable attorney's fee and all costs of collection.